Design and Play Testing Credits

These following have been heavily involved in the game’s development: The Medusa Games Team: Pete Heatherington, Dave Dudley, Jeff Quantrill, Richard Orchard, Bryan Ash, Neil Heslop, Jane Jevon and Alex Hickman.

David Norman and his games group including Doug Massie, Richard Williams and Pete Mason.

I am also grateful for the following play testers: Alex Banks, Jason Garwood, Lisa and Tim Oakley, John and Margaret Denning, Helen Denning, Mike Pearson, Sue Penn, Halesowen Board Game Club, October Wargames Association.

My fellow directors of UK Games Expo have given much encouragement and support as well as giving me the space at the convention to demo the game. So my thanks go to Patrick Campbell, Tony Hyams and Mick Pearson.

I would like to add further thanks to others who have played games of Great Fire at conventions and in play test groups including Daniel Danzer, Chooi Oh, Philip Bolton, Mark Gerrits, Jonathan Berg, Yann Christmann, Cédric Dunat, Anthony Guérin, Alexandre Kill, Marie-Françoise Michel, Laurent Schreiber, David Varzi, Erwan Wilhelm, Pascal Wilhelm and many others. Apologies, that I do not have everyone’s names. I would also like to thanks Markus Welbourne of Prime Games for his support and help bringing this game into production. Finally I have to give thanks to Andreas Resch for the superb artwork.

I also give thanks to Pandasaurus Games for printing the 2nd Edition.

The design is copyright of Medusa Games.