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Dave Dudley of Hallesowen Board Game Club has written an overview of the game here.

'Great fireĀ indeed! The red cones make spectacular flames, and are functional in the sense that the black cones (trained bands) are placed on top of them when attempting to bring the fire under control. I enjoyed the playtest game at the expo and I hope it won't be too long before it's published '

'Played the game - Thought it was brilliant ! Simple game mechanic but difficult to find a winning strategy !
Very nice board and playing peices. As soon as it's published I will be looking to buy it ! '

'Played this as a four-player at the Expo, and we all agreed this was the best game we played on the day. Indeed, had it been available we would have sold/preordered two copies on the spot! It successfully uses a "Pandemic-like" mechanic to build a competitive game. There is scope for cooperation (although not the way my family played it!), an interesting map design and a neat scoring system. We look forward to this coming out. '

'Ditto to the comment above - this was the stand-out game for me too and the only one I would have bought had I been able to.'

There is a review in Spanish here:
Preview juego para junio de 2010: GREAT FIRE, LONDON 1666