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Nine Worlds: Sagas and Treasures

Can you still conquer the Nine Worlds?

Nine worlds I knew, the nine in the tree. With mighty roots beneath the mold.
From the Poetic Edda.


The battles to control the Nineworlds take on a new dimension with the introduction of hidden objectives to fulfill. At the same time, in their efforts to conquer the Nineworlds, the lords of each world turn to powerful artifacts and potent treasures to gain the advantage. Can you still conquer the Nineworlds?

This expansion for Nineworlds contains 30 cards:
12 Objective Cards, 12 Treasure Cards, 6 Victory Point Cards. (used in the games featuring Treasure Cards)

Players can decide if they wish to play with both Objectives and Treasures or just use one set for their game.

Players may use 1 or two Treasures in the game which each have an unique power they can use to give them the edge.

Objectives are hidden goals players can score bonus points for achieving.

2 to 6 Players, Ages 10+, 60 to 150 Minutes. RRP £9.99 Buy now for £7.99 (Pre order for October delivery)