Medusa Games

Games Designers:

Richard Denning

Play testers

These following have been involved in play testing our games:

Neil Heslop, Jane Jevon, Lindsey Harrison, Mal Harrison, James Wale, Alex Hickman, Patrick Campbell, Mick Pearson, Bryan Ash, Lisa and Tim Oakley, Helen Denning,

Additional play testing has involved the October Wargames Association






Contact us

Contact Info: Email

Our address Medusa Games 16 Boldmere Drive, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5ES

We are happy to be contacted if you wish to ask about our games.

If you are a games buisiness, games shop, Museum, school, or distributor and wish to buy any of our games email us. Trade rates are available.

We have an Information sheet about our games here in English and a German one here.

Spare parts

If your query is about missing/damaged parts or components in our games please first contact the retailier form whom you bought the game. If you still have issues please contact Medusa Games.

Please note that there are only 65 fire cones in the Prime Games Edition of Great Fire NOT 100 as some of the rule books in error stated.

If you are looking for review copies of the games please read the buying section.

Medusa Games is not looking to produce other games than our own at this stage. If you wish to talk to some one about producing a game then I suggest you attend UK Games Expo in June each year and meet some of the UK's Games Companies.