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"One of my favourite demos of #essenspiel2023 was Oranges and Lemons from Medusa Games A 2-5 player worker-placement game based on the Nursery Rhyme. It has great mechanics for turn order, action upgrades, resource holdings and stock market. This is just a prototype of the game but certainly one I'm keen to see more of."


Oranges and Lemons

This will be our 2024 game release. Expected October 2024. More news will follow.

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Oranges and lemons
Say the bells of St Clement's
You owe me five farthings
Say the bells of St Martin's…

Oranges and Lemons is a worker placement game. Starting with just two workers and a limited storage and transport capacity (basically just a pair of hands!) the players must make the best they can of early 18th Century London, expanding their transport through hand cart, horse and cart and ships and by visiting locations mentioned in the nursery rhyme.

Here they can buy and sell goods such as oranges, pancakes, bricks and pans, get involved in the money loaning business, fulfil export contracts at the docks, dip their toe into politics, invest in the early stock market or back risky but possibly lucrative expeditions to the east Indies. The most successful player will be the one who can balance all these demands best and emerge as a Master of Commerce, with the city at their feet.

The main board of Oranges and Lemons (not final art) with the 16 different areas each of which has an action associated and each of which an enhancement when players place a bell there. The central area shows the turn order track. Turn order changes each turn dependant on whch actions were chose the previous turn. Side boards are connected to some actions.