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11th to 13th March 2022

UK Games Expo
3rd to 5th June 2022

Tabletop Scotland
27th to 28th august 2022




Medusa Games is an independant publisher based in Birmingham, UK. We have published four games so far along with two expansions and with other projects in development. To buy our games click here...

Nineworlds: Creatures and Monsters Expansion.

Defeat the monsters that haunt our nightmares...

Coming June 2022

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Great Fire of London 2-Player Expansion

Now Just two of you must save London or watch it burn...

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Nine Worlds

Magnificent Flying Machines

The Nine Worlds of Norse and Anglo-Germanic myth is the battle ground for this game.
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This game takes inspiration from the great air races of circa 1908 to 1913 which took place in the pioneering era of Air travel. Find out more

Great Fire: London 1666

Tinker Tailor

September 1666: A careless baker in Pudding Lane forgot to put out his fire and it spread creating an inferno which would destroy 13,000 houses and make 70,000 of London’s 80,000 population homeless.

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Choose your role but choose well.
Tinker Tailor is a role picking and set gathering card game for 2 to 6 players suitable as a Family Game or a light filler game.

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