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Paul Evans wrote a review in his To Win Just Once Magazine. Here is the text:

Tinker Tailor is an intriguing card game based on the nursery rhyme. The aim is to collect goods cards with players scoring points for sets of the same good and for sets of different goods. There are also points for remaining money cards. Each round the first player draws a number of role cards (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier and so on). They choose one to play, keeping it secret, and pass the cards to the next player.

Once everybody’s chosen a card, the roles take effect in order: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier and so on. Roles may mean collecting goods and/or money cards from those available, after which players may use their money to buy more goods. The game lasts a set number of rounds and whoever has the most points is the winner. The tricky bit is, of course, how the different roles interact and what you know of the cards that other players may have. Not to mention what goods and cash are available.

I got to play it through at the Expo and it worked very nicely. It’s simple enough on the surface, but the complexity in the interactions does make you think and it’s entertaining to play. I was quite taken with the (primitive?) style of the artwork, too. Tinker, Tailor gets a provisional 7/10 on my highly subjective scale.